Price List

Action Services

Single point true an action- $175

Open scope base screws to 8-40 aligned to raceway- $50

Badger bolt knob installed, Remington 700- $95

Skim bed action to stock with existing pillars- $200

Pillar bed action stock- $295

Barrel Services

Install, chamber, and crown a barrel on most actions- $275

Thread barrel for brake or suppressor-$90

Cerakote Services

(Assembly service may be required)

Barreled action, scope base, and bottom metal- bolt action- $175

Stripped AR receiver set- $105

AR handguard- $60

Complete AR- $195

​Complete pistol- $150

Pistol slide- $55

*All prices for single color- add $25 per additional color

Assembly Services

​Disassemble and reassemble handgun- $50

Disassemble and reassemble AR- $60

There will be an additional fee for stuck or stripped fastener removal